Tuesday, 8 April 2014

the new love: dusky t bars

Hi there!

Since exam season is now looming (even typing the word exam is making me cry inside a little) I've been trying to organise revision, learn notes and plan essays so I've had very little time for myself! As it's now the Easter holidays I decided to go on a bit of a shopping spree and do a teensy bit of retail therapy to relax before I go into full revision mode (so far it hasn't exactly gone to plan..)! I didn't actually pick up that much but one of the items that I have completely fallen in love with are these dusky pink/nude T bar shoes from Office.

My shoe collection is very limited and I felt like I needed a pair that were a bit more spring appropriate to style with outfits now as the sun is around more and more *dances around room happily*. If you read my last wishlist post (which you can see HERE) you'll know I was lusting over some very similar shoes from River Island so I'm so glad to finally have some that I like even more! Originally these shoes are priced at £48 which I think is fairly reasonable but I found a 20% off voucher in this months Company Magazine (I quite literally squealed when I saw this) and  so this made the purchase even more inevitable! I love the the muted colour and the adorable cutouts of these T bars and am definitely going to be wearing them throughout spring and summer. I've so far styled them with a monochrome gingham miniskirt and white collared shirt and it's safe to say, I'M IN LOVE.


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