Sunday, 1 June 2014

Loving lately and update

Hi there! 

Long time no speak (write...I don't know?) As many of you will know I was in the middle of exams last time I posted on my blog and oh my let me assure you the stress levels were high. I decided to take some time away from blogging (*cries*) to focus on revision and was going to write a whole separate post letting you all know but I didn't really know what to say apart from the fact I'd be away for a while! My last exam was actually on the 22nd May but I thought it would be nice to just take a month away from blogging and start posting regularly again in June, wooo! So now that little update is done and out of the way I thought I'd share a couple of products I've been loving lately.

One of the main things I've been loving at the moment and using on a daily basis is my Mac 217 brush. I've had this for months and months now so I have no idea why I haven't mentioned this before but it really does make blending eyeshadow unbelievably simple! For my day to day make up I usually just use this brush to blend a little bit of my bronzer (at the moment I'm loving the Philosophy divine blushing bronzer)through the crease of my eyelid to create a bit more warm and depth to my eyes and this also looks amazing with winged liner. Mac's 217 is super soft and just makes blending out eyeshadow a dream! Definitely recommend this one if you're looking for an all round perfect blending brush. 

Continuing with the theme of eyes I've also been really enjoying an eyeshadow from Maybelline in the shade 'Chocolate Chic'. This is quite a deep brown shade which I think works really well for a brown smokey eye or for more everyday make up it looks lovely to line the upper lashes. Maybelline is such an affordable brand so if you're looking for some really pigmented and good quality eyeshadows then definitely check them out!

A product that I've seen allllll over instagram over the past year or so is the lip balms from the brand Balmi which come in the most adorable packaging ever. If you're a regular reader you'll know I'm a sucker for pretty packaging so this was immediately a winner for me. I mainly use this lip balm as an overnight lip treatment as I find it is quite heavy to wear as a base for a lipstick but is perfect for nourishing your lips during the night. I think I'll definitely be repurchasing another Balmi when I've used all of this one because it's so lovely (and also I just really want to try the other colours...)

The final product I've been really enjoying at the moment is the Barry M gelly nail range, in particular the colour 'Lychee'. This is one of the only nude shade polishes that I own as I'm not usually seen wearing anything other than a blue or pink nail but recently I've been loving this plainer colour. The formula of the Gelly polishes is amazing and they glide over the nails looking completely opaque in just two coats with no streaks at all. I love Essie and Models Own for nail varnishes too but the Gelly range from Barry M is definitely a rival to my more pricey polish alternatives!

Let me know which products you've been loving at the moment because I'm heading to London on the 7th of June for One Direction's WWA tour (I'M SO EXCITED) and am planning a huge shopping spree beforehand, yay! I'm so happy to be back posting again (I didn't even realise how much I would miss uploading) so do let me know if you have any posts in particular that you would like to see :)


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