Friday, 13 June 2014

lush loves

Hi there!

I've mentioned in previous posts my love for all things bath bombs so it's probably no surprise that Lush is up there as one of my favourite shops! I'm currently writing this post the day after picking up an unnecessary amount of bath bombs from my local Lush store and oh my does my bedroom now smell amazing (another bonus of buying from Lush!). The first product that I was really drawn to was The Comforter which coincidentally is one of the prettiest Lush bath products ever as well as smelling just like raspberries. I'm not usually one for fruity scented products but this is an exception because combined with the colour (you may notice a reoccurring theme of pink...) it leaves bath water feeling so silky smooth and relaxing making it a real winner for me. The comforter is a bath melt so you just crumble a little under running water to create amazing smelling bubbles and turn your bath a gorgeous shade of pink. This was £4.50 which I think is so affordable considering the amount of baths you could get out of this so I'd definitely recommend picking this one up next time you're near a Lush.

Rose scented products are always something I love so I couldn't resist picking up the cutest little pink thing (nice terminology) called the RoseJam Bubbleroon. This is probably my favourite purchase because it really does smell amazing and is described on the website as being great for cheering you up after a long day and being mood boosting. I kind of wish I discovered this whilst I was doing my exams! Again this is a bubble bar so just crumble a bit under running water and you're good to go...simple and smells incredible too, what more could you want?! I also picked up another bubble bar but I'm putting that together as part of my friends birthday present so I thought it was best not to include that in this post just in case she is reading (hi ellie if you are)! The lovely lady who was working in the Lush store was literally the nicest shop assistant I've ever spoken too and complimented me on my dress and even gave a free Godmother soap! I'm completely in love with this because it smells JUST LIKE Snowfairy (favourite Lush fragrance ever!) and was such a lovely addition to my already equally lovely purchases. I wonder how many times I can say lovely in one post?

Writing this post and browsing the Lush website has made me want even more bath products (I know, I have a problem) so expect another Lush haul soon!

Charlotte x 

ps. I also picked up the little Charity Pot for £1 which is a 10g pot of a gorgeous face and body cream with all proceeds going to help support charity. Definitely worth paying an extra pound at the till to help out others (and it smells pretty darn good too!)

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