Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Soap and Glory favourites

Hi there!

Soap and Glory is definitely one of my most loved drugstore brands of all time and I always find myself browsing their stand in Boots when I probably should refrain from spending any more money...Moving on from my guilt about spending so much lately, I thought I'd share my top 3 products from Soap and Glory and encourage you guys to go crazy and buy them all too so I feel better about my spending (nice blogger tactics right there).

First is probably my most loved and the most talked about product from S&G which is their Righteous Butter. I absolutey hate (and yes hate is a strong word) moisturising after a bath/shower so to find a product that actually makes this chore a little less boring is amazing. The Righteous butter is the most incredible smelling body butter e v e r and the scent lingers on my skin for so long leaving not only smooth but also great smelling skin too! It sinks in super quickly too so no need for awkward dancing around the bathroom waiting for this to sink in (unless you like doing that, if so feel free to do that anyway). Also the full sized product is huge so will last a super long time and the travel friendly packaging makes it even more convenient. Could I sing its praises any more?

Any product in mini/travel form is like a magnet calling to me across Boots, they're just so darn cute! When I went on holiday last year I picked up the Glad Hair Day shampoo and have since been using it in rotation with a couple of others because it leaves my hair in the nicest condition and the perfect texture for styling. I find that some shampoo's make my hair too soft and slippery making it impossible to get any volume or to style but this one from Soap and Glory is far more effective in keeping my hair just right! Not only that but as will all products from S&G it smells amazing too.

Lastly is a relatively new discovery but one that I'm completely in love with and is the Calm One Calm All bubble bath. As you may be able to guess from the name of this one, it claims to relax and calm which I would 100% agree with and is one of the main reasons I go back to this bubble bath again and again. It honestly helps to de-stress me SO much and also leaves my skin super soft so it's a bit of a win-win situation! I would definitely recommend this one for exam season (which I think is over for almost everybody now but oh well!) or just in general if you're looking for an amazing smelling bath product.

Charlotte x 

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