Tuesday, 1 July 2014

confidence and developing your personal style

Today's post is a little different (also happy July everyone!) but I really loved a couple of videos I saw on YouTube lately about confidence with clothes/developing style and wanted to put my own spin on it here! The photo above has literally been my go to outfit for the past couple of weeks and I'm thinking of taking some OOTD photos with those pieces soon so keep your eyes pealed for that :)Having confidence with buying clothes out of your comfort zone and wearing what you love without what people think of you can be really tricky but here are my top tips: 

1) Be inspired! If you're anything like me you'll spend 99% of your time either reading blogs, on twitter or instagram so it's super easy now that technology is so prominent to be inspired by other people. On YouTube this is really evident and I definitely think being inspired by others is clear in the blogging world too so take a look at other people's outfits or fashion blogs online and see which parts of a lookbook or OOTD inspire you! Maybe you like the way someone has contrasted colour or texture or you just really like a way they've styled those shoes you've been eyeing up, either way it's always great to be inspired by other peoples style! Pinterest and Tumblr are great ways to find outfit ideas plus with tumblr you can multi task and look at cute kitten gifs at the same time..

2) Look at street style. Apart from blogs I would definitely say my style is most influenced by other people I see on the street and how they have put together their outfit. Just by walking through your town or if you're ever in London then it will be really easy to be inspired by other people so always keep a look out for clothes or pieces that you love and then try to recreate them your way! I know it can seem a bit weird to go up to someone and ask them where their top/dress/shoes are from but I know for a fact they will see it as a compliment and it also means you can get your hands on amazing pieces you may not otherwise have found.

3) Knowing a cut or colour that suits you perfectly. Finding a specific cut of jeans (I love the Topshop Leigh's and Mom jeans) is really great because it means you will always feel comfortable in wearing them and knowing they look suit you! Similarly with a colour, if you play around with outfit ideas and find a colour that really compliments your skin tone or body shape then stick with it and try to incorporate it into your wardrobe. Shopping can be really daunting if you don't know what exactly suits your body shape or complexion but I promise once you do you'll feel so much confident in developing your style around that idea.

4) Be confident in wearing what you love! This is probably the most difficult thing to do when developing your own style but if you love something just wear it despite what other people might think! At first it's really difficult to get out of your comfort zone in terms of clothes but I would say the first step to doing that is just trying on something in a shop that you wouldn't usually go for. If you find you like it despite not feeling overly brave about wearing it, just buy it and try and wear it as confidently as possible without worrying about anyone else's opinion. I bought a fedora last week and was kind of apprehensive about wearing it because I was worried I couldn't really pull it off/wasn't cool enough but I wore it out anyway and it felt really good! If you push yourself a little bit out of your comfort zone you'll probably find it wasn't as bad as you thought at all :)

5) Be comfortable. Trust me on this one ladies, don't just go and spend your hard earned pennies on pieces that you don't necessarily love just because they are 'in' or on trend. Find what works for you and don't buy things just because Alexa Chung managed to pull it off (although I may be slightly guilty of this on occassion...) What I'm trying to say is, buy what you feel comfortable in and items you know are really 'you' and don't follow trends just for the sake of it. I think this is the most important tip I have which hopefully will not only make you feel a little more confident in your wardrobe choices but also help your bank balance a little too!

I hope you enjoyed this slightly different style of post, I'm really proud of it (is that lame?) so I might do more things like this in the future :) Just let me know! Hope you're all doing amazingly!

Charlotte x

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