Sunday, 6 July 2014

lush event loving

Hi there!

Today's post is something a little different because last night I was lucky enough to attend a Lush event at my local store to talk about their new self preserve range and look at some classic Lush goodies too. This is the first blogging event I've ever been to so I was pretty nervous (slight understatement) buy I had a really lovely time and met some amazing beauty and fashion bloggers too!

Lush have just started introducing the idea of self preserve to many of there products (if I remember rightly I think it's now 70%) meaning they can stay fresh without needing to add any preservatives to help them. Lush as a brand in general have some of the best attitudes to products and ethos because of how natural and fair their bath bombs and skincare is so I think it's amazing how they are still striving to improve it and make their products even better! Lush now have both self preserving and preserved formulations which have slightly different textures but both do the same amazing things. The self preserving products have a reduced water content so they are thicker and more moisturising in texture but that's the only real difference! Both preserving and self preserved work in the same way apart from the slight difference in formula so it's up to you which one you choose!

As well as taking a look at the products that are now self preserving we also got to make our own Comforter bubble bar (I got a little too excited about this because it's one of my lush favourites!) and also helped to make the Cupcake face mask which we got to take home too. You can see my attempt at making the comforter above and it doesn't look quiteeee how it's supposed to so maybe I'll just stick to buying them in future...One of the lovely Lush workers Freya also talked to us about the Lush cosmetics range which looks amazing and I definitely think I may be needing to pick up a lipstick (or 10) next time I'm in town! There was also lots of snacks and drinks too so I enjoyed an apple, asparagus and lemon juice which although sounds kind of disgusting was actually amazing! 

At the end of the evening we all recieved a little goodie bag (again I got a little too excited) which included the Cupcake face mask, our Comforter bubble bars and a selection of a few other bits which I'm thinking of reviewing over the next couple of weeks :) I had such a lovely night so thank you to Lush for the invite and apologies to my bank balance which I think is going to be affected by my frequent trips to Lush now that I want to buy everything...

Charlotte x

ps. from the links I could remember/had written down, here are some of the links to the lovely other bloggers who were there last night!
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