Saturday, 19 July 2014

saturday snippets

I'm really in the mood to post today so I thought I'd just do a little update with some snippets from my saturday. I headed into cambridge today which was possibly the worst decision ever seeing as there were about 94811 students combined with the ridiculously hot weather and a protest taking place in the market square which wasn't the most pleasant combination. I didn't actually find anything in the shops that took my fancy (first time for everything) but I did grab a mango and passion fruit smoothie which somewhat compensated for the v humid weather.

The market is one of my favourite things about cambridge because it's so picturesque and lovely so I couldn't resist an instagram opportunity and took a photo of some very pretty flowers. I feel like my blogging this month has been very all over the place so it would be nice to do an update of things happening with me this summer:

  • I finish college on wednesday which means a whole six weeks of blogging, relaxing and seeing friends. I can't wait.
  • I have a ridiculous amount of summer work so the relaxing element of the first update might not actually apply *cries*
  • IT'S MY BIRTHDAY IN AUGUST! I'll finally be turning 17 on the 8th of august which I'm ridiculously excited about. My mum took me to choose my main present last week which is something I've wanted for absolutely years. It will be featuring on here as soon as I open it;)
  • I'm heading to brighton for a few days after my birthday which I'm also mega excited for. If any of you have any recommendations of things to get up to there or cute cafe's/juice bars to visit I'd really appreciate any suggestions in the comments :)
  • I collect my AS level results on the 14th of august and I'm unbelievably scared. I feel like my exams went okay(ish) but every time I think about opening the envelope with my results I cry a bit inside. I'll probably update you guys about what I get (if I'm not drowning in my own tears which hopefully won't be the case) but I've got my fingers crossed for all of you also getting results next month. Remember exam results aren't everything and they don't define you.
I hope you all have a fab weekend and enjoy the sunny if not somewhat sticky weather! 

Charlotte x
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