Sunday, 31 August 2014

skincare sunday: origins ginzing cleanser

Hi there!

For this months Skincare Sunday I'm featuring a reasonably new product in my routine that I received for my birthday a couple of weeks ago. Origins is my all time favourite skincare brand so I was super happy to receive the Ginzing scrub cleanser which I've heard so much about. First fab point about this lil beauty is it smells like chocolate orange and what more could you really want in a skincare product?? The cleanser contains tiny grains to help smooth and refine skin tone and keep your complexion looking refreshed and bright! I love exfoliating products like this that are really gentle because it means regular use isn't too harsh or abrasive and they leave my skin looking so much more radiant! I've never really tried a cleanser like this which is so brightening because of the little exfoliating beads whilst still being gentle enough for sensitive skin. This one is definitely a winner.  

I love using this cleanser in the morning when I need to be woken up a little more (most definitely next week when the 6am college starts begin again *cries*)  because it's so refreshing and leaves my skin super clean and fresh. It has lots of ingredients your skin will love like coffee beans which are a great antioxidant and also jojoba which I'm pretty sure is well know for balancing out the skins natural oils; perfect for oiler skinned girls out there like me! If you're a Origins newbie this is definitely one to pick up and especially good if you're a little zombie like in the morning (who isn't??). It comes in at £18.50 which I think is really reasonable for a more high end skincare product that has such fab results! Definitely add this one to your shopping list.

Charlotte x

ps. sorry for being a little MIA this week! 
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