Monday, 11 August 2014

stripes for the seaside

Hi there!

Sorry for not posting in what seems like forever, things have been a little hectic with my birthday last friday and then heading down to Brighton on saturday for a few days with my family. The weather is sunny but windy. Oh so windy. Outfit posts have been a little tricky to shoot because of lots of hair flying in face situations; it's not a good look but I'm just going to roll with it. We've pretty much just been exploring the lanes and shopping/relaxing so it will be a nice break before results day on thursday which I'm praying will be a happy day but I can't help worrying ridiculous amounts *cries*

I wear this outfit all the time and I thought it would be comfy and nice to travel in as well as not looking all that bad (I was considering pyjamas but I thought walking around in my piglet leggings might not be the best idea). My jeans are looking a little worse for wear but they're the topshop leigh's if anyone wanted to get their hands on some which I would definitely recommend because they're super comfortable and soft. Trust me on that one because I'm a very fussy jeans/denim person. My tee is also from topshop and again is one of the most worn things in my wardrobe. Does anyone else find themselves instinctively drawn to stripes? 

If any of you are long time Charlotte's Web readers (plus 10 points for you) then you will probably know I've been wanting a Cambridge satchel for the longest time. I received this one for my birthday last week and it hasn't left my shoulder for  the entire weekend, I love it so much *insert all the heat eyed emojis*. The colour and everything about it is so perfect and I can tell I'll be using it non stop for the foreseeable future. My lovely mother also got it embossed for me so it's even more special and I think it just makes the whole thing look even nicer. My white birkenstock-esque sandals were another bday present and have been pretty much glued to my feet since I opened them. They're from topshop and I love how they bring almost any outfit together and look especially fab with jeans and my satchel (yes I am still talking about that bag).

I hope you've all had a wonderful weekend! Watch this space for lots more outfit posts this week.

Charlotte x
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