Sunday, 21 September 2014

tips for styling short hair

Hi there!

Since having a considerable length chopped off my hair earlier this year I've found styling and managing my locks a lot easier. When I initially had it cut I was aiming for a sort of Alexa Chung/Suki Waterhouse inspired look and I find having my hair at this slightly longer bob length so much easier! The only problem I've found with having a shorter mane is it does have a tendency to look a little bit flat or lacklustre sometimes so I thought I'd share some tips on how to add volume and a bit of life back into shorter hair!

1) I find a volumising shampoo is ESSENTIAL in my hair care routine for adding a bit of grit and texture to keep styling easier and avoiding that horrible sliperry/fluffy first day hair feeling (always to be avoided if your hair is on the shorter side!) I love the Big Sea Salt shampoo from Lush because I find it really does add texture to my hair making it far less flat and definitely easier to work with for topknots and ponytails. It also makes my hair super shiny so ticks another box for me!

2) If your hair is anything like mine and tangles pretty much as soon as you step out of the door then a tangle teezer will be your new best friend. These have been around for a few years now and are definitely worth the hype! It makes brushing through wet hair so much easier and works amazingly at adding volume at the roots if used for backcombing. Obviously backcombing your hair can be very damaging but I find just teasing the hair around my roots adds a little bit of extra volume and stops my hair from looking more on the flat side. 

3) Again heat isn't an option you want to be using every day (or if it is then heat defence spray is probably your bff) but I love using my GHD's to add more shape and oomph to my locks. Starting at the roots and using straighteners to pull your hair up and away from your head can add a bit more life to your hair and is super quick if you don't have time to backcomb and hairspray! 

Let me know if you have any tips for styling shorter hair or adding volume!

Charlotte x 

ps. sorry for posting SO infrequently this month. Starting year 13 means I'm crazily busy plus now it's autumn it means taking my blog photos is a lot harder when it's darker in the evenings. I'm hoping to get back to posting regularly soon but thank you all for bearing with me whilst things on CW are not so frequent. 
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