Sunday, 28 September 2014

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Some photographs from the last few weeks 1) a bills breakfast with some of my best friends 2) I finally mastered the top knot. horaay! 3) I may have bought a few (read: 10) bath products in lush over the past couple of weeks. What can I say. 4) I really have been trying to drink more water and my tinkerbell cup is making a huge difference 5) granola is my addiction 6) I'm so in love with my AA playsuit. ootd anyone?
Hi there!

This post is going to be a bit of an apology because as you may have noticed my posts have been a bit infrequent in the month of September. I've found starting year 13 really difficult because the work load seems to have doubled even though I'm doing one less subject (a level logic, thank you government) so that's the main reason I've been so rubbishy on the blogging front. Also I've never really talked about health on my blog before and only very very few of my irl friends know about this but I suffer with a couple of mental illnesses which have been annoyingly present in my life this month. I don't think I'm going to go into detail about them because I don't feel quite ready to write about them yet but I'm sure one day I'll do a post talking about those kind of things because whenever I read others on those topics I find it so comforting and helpful! I don't really know if my post would be in the slightest bit useful to anyone else but who knows, I would love to upload it even if it were to just make one person feel a little better.

I thought I'd just make this quick post to say HI, I'M STILL ALIVE and I'm ever so sorry for not being able to blog as much as I would love to. I don't know when regular posting will resume but I'll still be uploading in october it just might be a little more sporadic, *sighs*. ANYWAY, on to the few updates of what's been going on in with me recently:

1) University searching. Oh my god this is the biggest stress in my life at the moment and to be honest is actually making my anxiety really bad (sad face emoji). I'm looking to study a course along the lines of fashion promotion and communication but finding a course that I like, meet the entry requirements for and don't need to do an art foundation course prior to it is near impossible. I won't bore you with the details of all of this but this is one of the main things in my life at the moment because this time next year I'll (fingers crossed) be living in halls doing a course I love!

2) Autumn is finally here and I'm loving it! I got my hands on my winter coat pretty early on in the season because I just couldn't wait any longer when the shops are packed with the gorgeous jackets and fluffy collars and ahhh I just love winter shopping. It's not exactly cold enough to be wearing a full on winter coat just yet but I can't wait until it's a little colder and I can wear it everyday. I'm sure it will be featuring in an ootd soon!

3)As I mentioned before I started year 13 a couple of weeks ago and things are pretty full on! I'm now studying history, photography and sociology and although I loooveee all of my subjects, the amount of work I get with these particular ones is pretty intense *drowns in essays*

Again I'm really sorry for not being here as much as usual but hopefully I'll be back soon; I really hope you're all good and september has been a fab month for you all!

Charlotte x

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