Monday, 10 August 2015

University preppin' with Dunelm #ad

Hey peeps, exciting post today !! As many of you will know I’m (as long as results day goes okay everyone pray for me please) heading off to university in September. At the moment I’m feeling 99% apprehensive and about 1% excited so …. it’s not looking great right now BUT to help give me the little nudge I need to move out of home, the lovely people from Dunelm offered me a snazzy gift card to kit out my new room. V v exciting! Their new Geek Chic range is in stores now and is a perfect collection for decorating student accommodation because of its super bright and fun colour palette; I was super excited to see the products in store!! So I’ve chosen out some bits from the range that I’ll be taking with me in September and thought I would share those items today to give any of you new uni students like me some inspo too. 

The range is super affordable which is definitely something to keep in mind when shopping for university because the amount of £££ you need initially to move in is pretty hefty so it’s good to save as many pennies as you can along the way! As well as the Geek Chic range I also picked up a couple of other university essentials which Dunelm is great for. They have literally everything you would need for bedding to towels to kitchenware to suitcases (I wasn’t joking when I said they had everything). I absolutely love the things I picked out (especially the lil orange mail rack, SO cute !!) so I hope you all enjoy this post too! 

PS. Thank you to the lovely Amy at Dunelm for organising this little collab, it’s been fun !! 
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