Thursday, 17 September 2015

A/W15 inspo

HEY GUYS!! Long time no speak (type ?? I don’t even know). Since my last post I have moved into my uni halls (!!!) which has meant a lot of changes e.g. learning how to work the fancy hob in the flat kitchen, adjusting to showers instead of baths (cry) and just generally trying not to feel overwhelmed by it all. I’m so very happy with my uni room and it feels pretty damn homely now I have all my things are well and truly scattered everywhere so in the not too distant future there may be a room tour on the cards. I haven’t got a proper set up for blog photo taking atm and in all honesty I’m struggling with ideas for posts anywho (sigh). SO instead I thought I’d post about some of the trends I’m loving right now and the vibes I’ll be channeling for A/W15 because who doesn’t love a bit of Pinterest inspo, non?

Looking through my latest Pins on my style board had me feelin' all kinds of excited for A/W dressing because, just look at the colour palette of the above pics. GORGE. I'm all about suede this season and there are some absolute beauts on ASOS in my saved basket that may sadly never make it into the shopping bag. The student budgeting has begun (ugh). But as I said, I'm allllll about suede everything this season from dresses to my fave button down skirts and also that beauty of a suede dress on the bottom right. Another trend I'm totally on board with is slim fit tees and jumpers. I picked up a couple on ASOS and Topshop before moving to uni (because the budgeting didn't need to start then ....... oops ....... ) which I'm head over heels for and can't wait to style with A line button downs and under dresses too because I'm all about that layering now it's getting colder. Turtles necks are also a thing that I never stopped lovin' since last winter and are definitely a staple in my wardrobe this year too. I adore all things high neck for keeping me that extra bit warm but also for how chic and effortless they look. Pair with some skinnies and ankle boots and you can feel all Alexa Chung with minimal effort. A complete winner in my book. I'm obsessed with looking at the NYFW16 snaps and the FOMO will continue this week no doubt when London Fashion Week starts. One day maybe. At least I get to goggle over street style snaps and catwalks from the comfort of my uni room without the aching feet of walking around Somerset House and feeling underdressed compared to all the fashionistas there (that's what I'm telling myself anyway).

I hope you're all doing wonderfully, let me know if you enjoy this kind of posts because I had a lot of fun putting it together! Until next time peeps xo 

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