Saturday, 30 January 2016


My love for all things Alexa is no secret and so her most recent series British Vogue's YT channel has filled the void in my heart after the first series ended a few months ago. I'm sure a lot of you will have already had a watch of the 2 part series that was put up over the past two weeks but if not then I 1000000% recommend checking it out. As a fashion student I found it insightful, helpful and eye opening seeing all things Vogue behind the scenes but even for those not studying a fashion related degree, it's a super interesting insight into the world of fashion publishing. It covers topics like how to get a job at the fashion bible that is Vogue, shares how those most important on the team got to their current roles and perhaps most interestingly, it is all filmed inside the Vogue office itself aka THE ultimate destination for all things fashion. As well as all that, Alexa is perhaps the most charming, funny lady ever so seeing her delve into the world of fashion publishing was a pleasure to watch. I could probably pass watching this series off as uni research, right? 

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