Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Instagram accounts you should be following

Instagram was possibly the first social media platform I became FULL ON obsessed with and since making my account many years ago it has always held a special place in my heart. As a photography enthusiast it was always going to be a full on love affair and I should probs give a little nod to my 'Instagram husband' for putting up with my constant "Let me take a picture before you eat it!" and "Can you just take another picture, like from higher angle?". Soz Scott. ANYWAY, little gushy moment about one of my fave apps over, this post is actually dedicated to sharing the love for some special ladies that I adore seeing on my feed and think you should be checkin out too, if for some crazy reason you haven't already. I am all about the Insta aesthetic so despite the fact the accounts shown below do have a serious photo taking talent, I really just love the content and personality in their photographs and have a lot of love for a lot of them in general.
First things first, I want to confess my love for Liv and everything WhatOliviaDid because I am a huge fan of her blog as well as equally beaut Instagram. If you're looking for daily outfit inspo, breakfast goals or general hair envy then Liv has got you covered. If I could swap wardrobes with anyone other than Ms Chung, Liv would be next on the list because she has got all things clothing down to a tee; I am a mix of admiration and slight jealously that my own wardrobe isn't as well established and all round perfect. After keeping up with Liv's blog for a good few years now, her other social media is a must follow because not only is she the loveliest blogger around but she also has a damn good Insta feed. All the admiration for this lady.
Next up is another human I could waffle on about for potentially the rest of my life because I think I might be a little bit in love with Hayley ?? I adore her Instagram and seeing insights into the life of a surface pattern student not only because her work is absolutely drop dead gorgeous (!!!) but also because she is my daily inspo university wise to achieve as much as she has and be as dedicated and committed! Her paper cutting work amazes me and baffles me in equal measures and regularly I'll stalk her insta just so I can scroll through her university work and wish I had as many talents as her. I JUST HAVE ALL THE EMOTIONS ABOUT HAILS. If this post wasn't just sharing her Instagram feed there is a dangerous possibility it could turn into a full on Hayley appreciation essay. If some of the pics above weren't enough persuasion to follow her, the quite frankly delicious abundance of food and lattes is reason enough alone. Seriously, the sushi and THAT falafel filled pitta are making my mouth water just thinking about them. 

Ella is someone I have followed online for probably a couple of years now and I couldn't be without her Instagram. It is a place bursting with positivity and love and I have so much admiration for her attitudes to life and her 'girl power' ethos as well as her plant based diet which as many of you who follow my Twitter will know, is something I have so much interest in. Aside from the smoothie bowls (goals) and other deliciousness on Ella's feed that make my granola breakfasts look a little feeble in comparison, her travel photographs are another thing I have a lot of love for as well as the general positivity and happiness that seems to make up each of her captions. If there was one person that I could recommend following for inspiration to live life to the fullest and enjoy the little things it would be Ella; I know it sounds silly that I can have so much appreciation for her just through Instagram but she really does have the most wonderful attitude to life. Biggest babe award goes to Ella. 
If you're looking to follow someone who is absolutely winning at life (yet who denies her own amazing talents!!) then Ellie's insta is the place to go. Studying fashion communication and promotion in London, Ellie is someone I really look up to for all the successes she has made for herself through her blog and just general amazing way of tackling life. I feel like I almost live vicariously through her Instagram as we're studying the same course and she is everything I aspire to be achieving because she is just doing so SO well. As well as her down to earth, everyday life photos, I really love seeing this visual insight into her life and especially in the case of Fashion Week, it makes my heart swell a little seeing the amazing things she is achieving. Definitely check out her insta if you're after real student life but in the most aesthetically pleasing way. You'll see what I mean. 

Another babe who's outfits I just cannot get enough of is ASOS Insider and (can I say) Alexa Chung's long lost twin sister, Megan. She really is all the hair/outfit/food and relationship goals and I adore seeing her outfits, adventures and food documented in both her personal and ASOS Instagram accounts. Her wardrobe is one I could only dream of and if keeping up with her style wasn't enough reason to follow her, seeing her travel adventures (yes I'm taking about the NYC trip and THAT Shrimps coat) and daily getting's up to make for one of my fave Instagrams of all time (a pretty big claim to make). Also our mutual love for all things striped clothing make her one of my biggest shopping enablers, but that only makes me love her a lil bit more?? 

I feel like this post took a bit of a turn from not only Instagram feeds I love but just general appreciation of ladies I really admire and love seeing parts of their life online. Hey ho. Let me know who your favourite Instagrammers are because I am always on the look out for more to follow! FYI, you can find me on Insta at @charlottesweb, just saying. 
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