Friday, 27 May 2016

Fifteen first year university realisations #UNICHATS

1) Having an unlimited minutes phone contract is SUCH a blessing when homesick (aka always)
2) My love for cats has grown x10, I guess absence really does make the heart grow fonder
3) Living kinda close but kinda far from a supermarket and being too stubborn to spend money on taxi's has improved my shoulder and arm strength to no end! I am the queen of carrying overflowing, food stuffed tote bags
4) I am not one to easily put up with a messy/dirty kitchen like some *glares at flatmates* other students
5) I have eaten surprisingly less pasta than expected when cooking for myself
6) InDesign is actually really fun ?? 
7) Assignment briefs can quite literally be the most 'brief' description in the world but with a whole lotta expectations. A definite learning curve. 
9) Train tickets are crazily and unjustifiably overpriced and I have the worst luck when it comes to delayed and cancelled journeys. Le Sigh.
10) A positive quote and print in your uni room plus an abundance of home and friends photos never ever go a miss
11) Supermarket fruit and veg is so damn expensive!!!
12) The North is a very rainy, chilly place
13) The walls of uni halls are FAR too thin when your next door neighbour insists on playing J Beibz 'What Do You Mean' on repeat. The Worst.
14) Wearing every single pair of underwear and socks you own until doing a wash in the overpriced laundry room is standard practice
15) My love for fashion has increased x10 since studying it, I have all the hopes for a successful, happy and enjoyable second year! 
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