Monday, 25 July 2016

Ruffle Lovin', The Wishlist

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Having acquired a job this summer whilst being home from university and having more than £10 to my name for the first time in a long while, has somehow resulted in a terrible habit of being a little fashion spendy. I would actually like to give myself a pat on the back because on the whole I've been v good and reserved when it comes to spending and even set up a separate online banking account for saving (#dedication) but y'know, a girl has needs, and clothes are my main requirement. Recently I've been head over heels for all things ruffles and the last 5 additions to my wardrobe have included a ruffle of some nature; when I find a style I like, I REALLY like it. To the point of obsession. I thought I'd put together a little wishlist of some of the ruffled garments I've been lusting over lately and maybe inspire anyone else completely loving this trend.

The first sleeveless, exaggerated ruffle number is a piece I actually already own from Topshop in pink and grey but seeing the baby blue version has got me needing this nautical looking edition in my wardrobe. There's something about blue stripes that just get me every. time. Number 2 is my definition of the perfect summer top; polka dot, navy, strappy and RUFFLES. I think this would look gorgeous with denim cut offs and white sliders; as most of you know I'm heading to Amsterdam next month and I think this would be perfect for exploring the city! Number 3 perhaps doesn't count as a wishlist piece because I may have put in a little ASOS order for it last week. Ahem. I wanted to still include it in this post though because it really is #rufflegoals (just made that a thing) and so any other frill obsessives could have a look because it's in the sale! Number 4 = metallic, silver, crop top GOALS. I can just imagine how good this top would look with some kick flairs, converse and a choker for the ultimate sassy summer look or with kitten heels and a red lip in the evening. Funnily enough it's currently in the sale in Topshop so go grab one whilst you can! Numero 5 is a piece I saw in Liv's latest video and naturally, everything that she buys I absolutely adore and so instantly added this to my mental wishlist. It's from M&S which isn't usually somewhere I browse (other than when Archive by Alexa is concerned) but it's got me itching to go and having a look round my local store. I'll report back on any hidden gems I find.

Let me know if you're also loving the ruffle trend that's huge right now or any other styles you're head over heels for at the moment!
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