Saturday, 20 August 2016



2016; perhaps Kylie Jenner was right and this is the year of totally, 100% realising things. The past five days for me have been spent in Amsterdam with S involving exploring, walking (and lots of it), pushing myself and obvs, a lot of ice cream and waffles. Having not been abroad in the past three years and with my last plane journey resulting in a panic attack, the week away was always going to be a challenge. Now that I'm home, after getting back just after 11pm last night, I really can resonate with the idea of 'realising things' that has been brought by the perspective of travel and moving out of my comfort zones. These outfit shots were taken after a considerably strange looking veggie burger had been consumed through sheer desperation after having only had a croissant that day and a full on tears-in-the-street breakdown of anxiety about how scared I was to be abroad. It was our first evening in Amsterdam and, understandably, everything seemed unfamiliar and worrying. This was the third location we had tried to shoot the images but despite this I am so pleased to share them because I am totally head over heels for my new lens! I feel such a sense of relief that the rest of my week away was idyllic, fun, exploration and complete happiness that I had been wishing for after the first night of anxieties. Amsterdam feels like such a safe and good place; who knows if this is a result of their well known more tolerant attitude to many things or the fact that the Dutch, in my experience, were the loveliest and most welcoming bunch of humans ever. Either way, we had a blast, and I can't wait to share my other outfit posts and recommendations for the city! It really is one of the most beautiful and bustling places I have ever been to and I feel so happy to have spent my first travel experience in years, in such a wonderful place. Amsterdam, you have my heart.

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