Tuesday, 23 August 2016


A very trivial yet for me, very happy life change; a new hair cut! I feel like this is such a silly thing to be updating my blog about however as someone with minimal self esteem, it feels SO GOOD to feel good about myself! I was inspired, as with many things in my life, by Megan Ellaby aka blogger extraordinaire with the most bad ass style on my insta feed and I'm so pleased I was armed with photos of her hair of dreams to show my hairdresser. I've been pinning pics of Ms Chung to my hair inspo board of Pinterest for years now and with Megan's hair being very similar to hers, I felt confident with what I wanted. Until now, I've had a very simple, all one length, shoulder length do, which I liked for its ease of styling and how sleek it looked BUT I was so tempted by the textured, messy look that I was ready for the change. The addition of a fringe is something I've wanted for SO LONG but after bad hair cut experience in the past, I was super worried I would hate it and it would take 1483911 years to grow out. In the end I took the plunge, again inspired by Megs and Alexa and I absolutely ADORE it. I felt so instantly 'me' as soon as it was cut which is so odd yet such a relief! In case any of you are also after an Alexa inspired look, I basically asked my hairdresser for a longer cut 'full' style fringe that could be parted and slightly longer at the sides to blend in to the rest of the hair. For the main body of my barnet, I asked for some messy layers to add some texture and volume and a bit of shaping around my face! 

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