Saturday, 24 September 2016

Sunshine in the City


With sunshine in the city, comes frolicking around in your favourite dress, clocking up thousands of steps on the iPhone health app and eating way too much ice cream. That was pretty much how mine and Scott's year and a half anniversary (yep we're making that a thing) panned out and it was one of the most fun days I've had in a long time. It was coincidentally our first full day in Amsterdam which meant we were awake bright and early, our stomachs full with croissants and Dutch biscuits and wandering the streets of Jordaan, a beautiful area of Amsterdam away from the bustle of tourists in the centre. We wandered local shops, cafes and houses and crossing canal after canal, in awe of how beautiful the city looked in the sunshine. Amsterdam really is a truly idyllic place with the combination of the unique and quirky architecture giving it a distinctive feel that seems to set the city apart from anywhere else I've visited. 

When I spotted this gorgeous embroidered smock dress on one of my favourite bloggers, Kristabel from IWantYouToKnow, I was head over heels for it and bee lined for Zara as soon as I could commit to the not so cheap price tag. With embroidery being huge this season, I knew it was a purchase I would get wear out of time and time again, both in the last dregs of the summer sun and with some wooly tights throughout A/W. I'm not one to closely follow trends and buy pieces only because they're in fashion, but sometimes it's nice when the stores are full to the brim of clothes in a particular style to bag yourself one and feel a little like a put together kinda human. I know I'll be wearing this dress for years to come even when embroidery has taken a back seat in 'fashun' because it really is one of the most beautiful pieces I own. Similarly to some of my other Amsterdam looks, a slightly more masculine touch was added with addition of black high top Converse which made exploring the city by foot possible without the inevitable blisters my sandals would have caused. My Alphabet Bags tote bag was also a welcome addition on the trip to lug my daily essentials plus my vlogging camera and big ol' Canon without my shoulder giving way mid day (always a bonus!). I'll always think fondly of this day which was filled with ice cream and the most delicious cheese pasta of my LIFE, as well as the fact I was floating around in my dress of dreams. Sometimes fashion can be underestimated in the impact it has on our self esteem so I for one will be pulling this dress out every time I need a little pick me up!

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