Sunday, 16 October 2016

Last of the Amsterdam Diaries

Today I'm sharing the final post from Amsterdam *cries*. I know my trip was almost two months ago but since being back at university things have been SO.HECTIC. Everything is super full on with starting second year, getting my head around the endless number of briefs I have to complete in the next couple of months whilst applying for placements for next year. I feel like I need another holiday just thinking about it. It was so relaxing going through the last of my photos from Amsterdam because this was my favourite post we shot during the whole week! We had finally got to grips with my new lens by the last day and it was a lot of fun shooting in such a gorgeous location! We had got a free ferry over to NDSM after I'd seen Pllek on Instagram; a funky industrial beach with deckchairs, beanbags, a huge restaurant which was furnished in the most amazing way and served delicious food and drinks! As SO much of Amsterdam involves water through the amazing canals that are down almost every street you turn, it was so nice to be able to sit and enjoy the open water on our last day in the sunshine. This was the perfect outfit for being cool and airy, whilst still keeping me from feeling too chilly when the sun went in and the wind from the water picked up. If you're ever in Amsterdam, visiting Pllek is a MUST! I actually put together a little Amsterdam mini guide so if you're heading to the city at some point, you can view that HERE. 

I've absolutely loved putting together so many outfit posts over the summer, it's really cemented for me that fashion is something I want to focus on here on Charlotte's Web, despite uploading being a little sporadic now I'm back at uni. If you have any posts in mind you would like to see, be sure to let me know! I have a university planning and organisation post coming next, but feel free to send your requests over and I'll try and organise myself so I can fit in university work and blogging (as well as uni blogging). DEEP BREATHS. Thank you so much for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed and have a wonderful week!

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