Friday, 23 December 2016

2016: My 5 highlights

2016. What a funny old year it's been. Despite the events of this year and the impact political and social changes are having upon all of us, there have been so many ups in my life that I thought sharing them would be the only fitting way to finish another year of Charlotte's Web. FOCUSING ON THE GOOD IS IMPORTANT. I've not been able to upload nearly as frequently as I would like to my blog and that's something that is so frustrating to me and has been bothering me for some time. I'm thinking of filming a little 'Life Lately' video for my YouTube channel where I can chat more freely and openly because I really have been thinking a lot about my social media platforms lately and how desperately I want to grow them and make as much creative material as possible. ANYWAY, I digress. In no particular order (cue X Factor voice over), here are my top 5 moments of 2016: 

1) Taking a leap of faith and pushing myself to get myself onto a plane, leave the country and spend a whole 5 days in a completely unknown place was such a HUGE step for me but potentially takes the top spot as one of my favourite achievements and adventures of the year. Amsterdam now officially has my heart, and even reminiscing about my time there has me pining to book another trip away to explore another area of the world on my 'To travel to' list. Immersing myself in the culture of another country and ticking off  a number of my bucket list wishes made my 5 days there pretty magical, combined with it being mine and Scott's first official abroad holiday equalled a really special August. Visiting the Anne Frank House, eating coconut pancakes in the most idyllic location and enjoying a canal tour in the sun would only be naming a few of the amazing things we did that week and I'm just SO proud of myself for battling my anxiety and taking that leap. It may sound like I'm gushing and being OTT, but it was such an important trip for me and I couldn't have had a better time! I also managed to vlog every day during our time there and those clips are some of my favourite videos to date; the trip really made me realise how special and nostalgic it can be to rewatch parts of your life and relive those memories and I'm therefore making it my mission to continue to do so in 2017. 

2) Next on my 2016 happy list has to be the addition of new friends, both online and in real life which have totally transformed my mindset and made me realise more than ever the importance of surrounding yourself with positive, supportive and kind people! Earlier this year I was added into a Twitter group message and I cannot put into words the level of improvement in my life as a result of becoming closer to girls whom are so similar to me in every way. Having constant support and knowing I am able to get advice about anything from what to wear or my regular ~life breakdowns~ is SO reassuring and really reiterates to me how important friendships are! I've been lucky enough to meet some of the gals from said group chat during 2016, including Hayley (I pounced on her in H&M when I spotted her at work) as well as Polly who I've seen for sushi twice now and enjoyed greatly! My real life pals have also been great and I feel like I've got closer to so many of them which is so odd seeing as we're now spread out across the country at universities around the U.K; I guess distance really does make the heart grow fonder! It's lovely catching up with old friends and knowing nothing has changed, so another of my best moments from 2016 include to be the trip to Edinburgh I took back in October, my birthday picnic and quiz in August and general brunches, catch ups and phone calls that reaffirm why my pals are THE best. 

3. SURVING MY DEGREE SO FAR. Although I never thought that university would make it into my top moments of 2016, I'm really proud of what I've achieved both educationally as well as mentally and emotionally by sticking with my gut and continuing my studies. I never doubted that fashion was the subject I wanted to pursue, but living away from home for the first time in an unfamiliar environment with a real lack of support was really tough to say the least. I managed to finish in May with a first in every module which I feel SO proud of and made what was otherwise a really negative experience totally worthwhile. Second year has so far been a lot easier due to finding friends whom I feel I can speak openly to as well as living with my current housemate and pal Ruby whom has been my rock (cringe but true) in moving back to uni and all the bumps in the metaphorical road that come along with that. University has really changed me as a person, and I not only feel really proud of my independence and ability to (on the whole) look after myself, but also the grades I've achieved which have really motivated me to continue striving for a career in fashion and doing my upmost to make that happen. 2016 has been a year of real girl boss feels!!!!

4. Despite the earlier worries in this post about not uploading content regularly enough, my fourth highlight of the year is one million percent taking the plunge and starting my YouTube channel. I've been watching YouTube videos for probably around seven years now and it's always been a passion of mine but 2016 was the year I pushed myself to try it out and I'm really proud and happy of the videos I've made! Although they're not mega professional or groundbreaking, I was so keen to make vlogs and record genuine parts of my life to share the happy (and sometimes hard!) moments, as well as having those memories to look back on. The positive feedback I've had from the videos has been overwhelming and messages of support and comments saying that videos have helped them in some way are SO lovely and I'm now really motivated to make videos more regularly. My university video in particular had such wonderful feedback and it's just really great to know how many kind and supportive people I have in my life online. *ALL THE HEART EMOJI'S*. I also feel super proud of the outfit content I've created for my blog, and shooting a look a day whilst in Amsterdam against some gorgeous backdrops is definitely another highlight of my online life! I can't wait to hopefully take some more (read: beg Scott to take some) outfit photos over Christmas to share on the blog and hopefully will kick start 2017 into a bad ass blogging year!

5. And finally, a yearly round up wouldn't be complete without a mention to Scott and everything he does for me; cue extremely cringe and gushing moment. We've shared so many AMAZE moments this year, from our Amsterdam trip, our joint birthday weekend, a 3 day Brighton get-away and SO MANY brunch dates I've lost count. It's so special to spend a long period of time with someone and go through so many things together and I feel like 2016 is the year we've become so much closer, despite being long distance for a large portion of it. We celebrated our one year anniversary back at the beginning of the year, and in a couple of months we'll be celebrating our second which is absolutely crazy! I hope 2017 brings many more adventures for us and I'm v v excited to share some of those online (as well as many more bangin' ootd's courtesy of S) (THANKS BABES).

Writing this has made me feel SO positive about the past year despite the hiccups along the way, it's so funny how your brain can eventually block out the bad parts and focus on the good. I'm hoping 2017 will bring a lot more of that; reflection is good for the soul. If you've done a similar post or were inspired to share your 2016 highlights after reading this please let me know; I absolutely love reading these sorts of posts so I hope you did too! I'm potentially going to be putting together a 2017 resolutions type-of-thing so if that would be of interest then also leave me a comment! It has felt SO good to properly write my first long blog post in far too long so here's to many more!
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