Monday, 6 February 2017

The coat of dreams: Pastel collar lovin'


This outfit has fast become one of my most worn in recent weeks and so sharing it here on my blog was a must when getting in some last minute shooting before coming back to uni after Christmas (hence the gorgeous wreaths decking this street). In the month leading up until Christmas I really struggled with my personal style and shopping for items that I felt were totally ~me~. I couldn't find anything I really loved, which is a somewhat rare occurrence for my usual spendy happy state and I started to fall into the slump of feeling like a potato (albeit a sweet one) in my usual go-to outfits. It wasn't until I was browsing the January ASOS sale on a daily basis (totally normal, right?) that I came across what can only be described as the coat of DREAMS. Ultimate Shrimps vibes, the softest faux fur ever and a pastel collar that could only be described as perfection. I think it's safe to say it was love at first sight. It might seem like I'm being overdramatic, but when you finally find something that  makes you feel totally amazing after weeks of wallowing about your appearance, a little love for that item definitely doesn't go amiss. The equally dreamy silver plissé trousers I've been pairing it with religiously for the duration of January are another item I cannot get enough of. I've never been a huge jeans lover and so when culottes and wide leg trousers came into my life last year I couldn't have been happier! I find that although the silver colour can look quite jazzy, when paired with converse and a jumper it can tone down how dressy they are and be the perfect combination for looking put together day to day. I love how they look with the leopard print of my coat and have been super obsessed with mixing textures and colours recently for a more fun and experimental look! In terms of my jumper, I think we all know by now my love for ruffles is a little bit next level. The combination of shoulder ruffles and layered fluted sleeves with white piping had me head over heels the second I saw this Topshop number and I've been wearing it not stop ever since. 

Scott and I shot this outfit on one of my last weekends at home for Christmas, and looking back at these photos makes me miss even the little things like wandering the streets of Cambridge and making endless trips to Yo! Sushi (my favourite pastime) even more. He's making the 3 and a half hour trip to Huddersfield on Friday to visit for the weekend and I am BEYOND ready to see him after almost another month apart. I really am getting better at the whole long distance malarky, but there's nothing like counting down the last few days before seeing each other and knowing the weekend will be filled with relaxing, amazing food and forgetting about the stress of uni work and placement hunting, even if that is only for 48 hours or so. If you're also in a long distance relationship, let me know your tips for surviving the weeks apart when you're feeling down in the dumps and let's help each other get through what can otherwise be a totally sucky situation.

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