Sunday, 7 January 2018

2017: The Things I'm Grateful For


It's only upon looking back at 2017 that I realise what a big year it was for me in so many aspects of my life. As always, it's been a year of ups and downs (that's life eh!), but I definitely ended 2017 feeling extremely fortunate for all I've accomplished, for the people that have come into my life, and the obstacles I've faced. From moving to London as an intern, leaving behind my teenage years, to challenging some of my biggest anxieties, it's been a memorable one and I felt it only right to share those up and downs with you lovely people. My blog has always been a place of reflection, and it's so valuable for me to be able to look back on the various journeys (cringe) I've been on throughout my teens. During the year in which I entered my 20s, I think it's particularly fitting to take a step back and recognise all the good I'm surrounded by, and that I perhaps sometimes take for granted. 

One of the biggest and most fluffing changes to my life this year has been beginning a career that I adore, within a company I simply cannot believe I'm fortunate enough to be a part of. 2017 was always going to be particularly daunting for me, as it was the time I took the leap from education into the fashion industry as part of my placement year. I was reassured by the idea that this complete overhaul of life as I knew it would be relatively short lived in comparison to the life of work that would follow graduation, however of course the change from student life was a terrifying one. I've experienced such a vast range of opportunities, both positive and negative throughout this year, however my current internship is one that I could not have predicted would become a part of my career journey, and I feel SO grateful for it. Before beginning my placement year, I was unsure of the avenue I wished to pursue in the fashion world, however now since beginning my role as Social and Content Intern at Birchbox UK, I could not be surer of where my passion lies! I feel extremely grateful that such a frankly a-mazing opportunity has come my way, and so fortunate that I still have so much time left with the company to learn and immerse myself in the role. My contract was recently extended (eee!) and therefore I'll be continuing as the Content and Social team intern until May 2018! I adore the company culture, the working environment and my day to day routine, but most of all I simply love being surrounded by so many hard working, inspirational, kind, compassionate and clever women every, single day. I'm grateful to work in an environment where I can be myself, feel valued and truly be inspired to create exciting content! Birchbox, ur my one true <3

Something else I’m hugely grateful for and would have been truly lost without in 2017 is the freedom I have gained in recovery from my eating disorder, which has left me happier, healthier and empowered to make my own decisions surrounding food without the constant and draining impact of mental illness. I definitely don’t claim to be fully recovered from anorexia, and honestly, I still have a long way to go with that, but for now I feel hugely proud of the progress that I have made and the fortunate position I’m in. I wish I could share some insight into my recovery journey and how I’ve been able to reach this more positive mind-set, but in all honesty, it was totally out of my control and fortunately something that came about quite organically after 5 years of suffering with disordered eating. The brain is a funny thing, and sometimes I think time is truly the best healer- at least I can say so in my case! Here’s to (*hopefully*) an even better, more free approach to eating in 2018. Cheers to that!

Something I think I’ve become all the more grateful for in recent years has been the unwavering and incredible support of my lovely family and friends. 2017 saw a huge amount of challenges thrown my way, and I truly don’t know where I would have been without my nearest and dearest! The support of lovely and kind people doesn’t simply extend to those I’m extremely close to, but also the kind nature of strangers who have helped me in so many ways during 2017. From the wonderful Amy who let me stay in her lovely home for free whilst I worked an unpaid internship, to the fabulous Emily who offered me a free Harry Styles ticket after hearing I hadn’t been able to afford one when they went on sale, the world is full of SO many selfless, kind-hearted people that I honestly would be lost without. 2017 was without a doubt a challenging year, both politically and socially, and it’s thanks to my family, friends and the incredible internet community that I managed to stay sane and recognise that however bad things may seem, there’s always good out there! I’m definitely inspired to partake in little acts of kindness throughout 2018 and hopefully pass on some of the good vibes I’ve received from so many lovely ladies over the past 12 months.

I could honestly go on and on with other grateful moments I’ve felt in 2017, but to save this post from entering the 1000 word + zone, I’ll keep the final thank you to a v special person. Scott has, as always, been a huge support in all I’ve done in the past year, from helping me find somewhere to live in London amid many of my nervy b’s, driving the two of us to countless weekend day trips and date nights, holding my hand on an anxious trip to Edinburgh and laughing and crying along with me throughout the many ups and downs that 365 days bring. This post is therefore dedicated to him and his unwavering support. 

I really hope to be able to share a lot more on my blog this year, but as always the challenges of balancing a full time placement, family life, social life and university commitments is always challenging. Here's hoping I can sass my way through it! Happy New Year guys! 
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