Wednesday, 4 April 2018

My Current Reading List

Hello you lovely lot! Today's post is a bit more of a chatty one which I'm so SO pleased about after having shared my fair share of think pieces and personal posts lately- this one should definitely be a little more candid! Having subscribed to the lovely Liv's weekly newsletter a couple of months ago, I've ADORED her weekly roundups of blog posts she's been loving, and bookmarking articles to add to my 'must-read' list along the way. Whilst I don't have time to add creating a newsletter to my to-do list, I thought a blog post would work just as well for sharing the things I've been passing my commute with or reading in the bath! Do let me know what you've been loving to read recently- I'd love to expand my never-ending list! 

First things first is an Instagrammer and pastel backdrop lovers DREAM, and that is Kristabel's oh so helpful Pastel Guide To London blog post- a true godsend for anyone looking to nail the 'gram this spring. Whilst I normally try to shoot my more ~candid~ Instagram shots in and around my natural surroundings, when it comes to blog posts and videos, having a go-to guide for photogenic backgrounds is honestly the most helpful tool, and one I've not seen a lot of online before! I'm definitely going to be heading to Kentish Town and Primrose Hill before I leave London in May! 

I've always been interested in hearing about others career stories and how they ended up in their current roles, whether that's from inspirational ladies in the fashion and beauty worlds, or from my friends and those I follow online in completely different industries. Since sharing my career story so far back in January, I've been loving reading about others experiences and reminding myself that often the journey to success can be a v bumpy one! I particularly loved Megan Ellaby's Interning Story as having both studied the same degree at Huddersfield University, it's so inspiring and insightful to see how successful she has become from the same background as me! I would highly recommend giving it a read if you're interested in the world of fashion and interning in London and beyond!

Speaking of internships, I thought I'd give a cheeky little plug to an article I recently featured in on Huffington Post, because if I can't self promo on my own blog then when can I, eh? After seeing a request for unpaid interns to share their experiences through the #JournoRequest hashtag on Twitter, I spoke to a couple of journalists from Huffington Post about how working without a wage for 4 months in London last year affected me both mentally and, of course, financially, as well as the implications I think the world of unpaid internships have upon career prospects for students and new graduates. In a nutshell, it's clear the concept of unpaid labour has created an elitist culture in which only those from wealthy backgrounds can benefit from these placements, and I for one cannot WAIT to hopefully see some real changes in legislation occur in the coming years. Having turned down my absolute dream opportunity at one of my favourite high street brands as a result of the role being unpaid for 12 months, I'm desperate for these changes to occur sooner rather than later!

A mention to one of my favourite blogs, The Little Plum, written by the lovely Chloe Plumstead next, with her post questioning why it is we're often told not to encourage people to enter the blogging industry purely for monetary gain, and how this rhetoric is a flawed one. It's been a question I've been quietly mulling over for a while, and I'm so pleased Chloe articulated it so beautifully to provide some clarity on this issue, because truly in no other industry do we encourage people to enter it without money being an incentive, however big or small. Of course the world of influencer marketing is slightly different to more traditional career paths, as the personality and appearance focus means sincerity in your posts and videos is required for success, but on the whole I think we of course should be empowering those who want to enter the blogging world to do so with the aim of earning money from it one day! Building a better life for yourself if you have the means to is something I really think should be encouraged!

Less of a 'reading list' pick this time, but I'm utterly obsessed with the gorgeous Lizzie of Shot From The Street, and her Week on 35mm snapshots have fast become some of my favourite posts to scroll through in awe of. The candid style, yet beautifully shot imagery is always a joy to look at, and her effortlessly cool outfits makes me want a complete wardrobe refresh every time I see her post! She's definitely one to follow if you're interested in photography and more unique and authentic styles of post!

A really interesting piece I came across on Twitter (my main source of finding interesting articles!) discussed how artwork personalisation works on Netflix in order to entice different types of viewer into clicking onto different shows, through the targeting of your visual preferences. Based on your previous activity, genre preferences and themes, Netflix is able to share different film and TV artwork that is likely to appeal to you most, with the aim of drawing you into selecting something that otherwise you may have initially scrolled past. If you have searched for a particular actress for example or watched films of a particular aesthetic, Netflix can use this data to control the artwork they present to individual viewers. Pretty cool, huh?!

Katie Snooks has long been one of my favourite people to follow online, with her acne and roaccutane journey being particularly inspiring and interesting to me! Her recent blog post about being single and why she is loving her life as a single lady was something I found really empowering! Relationships, especially in the world of Instagram and Youtube are often very sought after, with the idea of a #goals worthy Insta husband being almost a right of passage to a successful online career. Katie has gone against the grain in sharing this post, and in the climate of empowering women I think it had the perfect message behind it!

A post from Refinery29 next (who else is obsessed with their money diaries?!) talking all about male contraception and the latest medical developments in the trials which have certainly got people talking in recent months. I think the topic of oral contraceptives for males as well as females is a hugely important one, and a huge step forward in achieving equality for women when of course, sex is a two person activity. The side effects women often experience from taking the pill can be extremely difficult to deal with, and whilst its not a case of simply passing these issues onto men, I do think we need to create a wider discussion on how this can become a more equal playing field in achieving a shared responsibility for contraception. I'm so interested to see where these trials will lead in the future!

I'm always looking for new blogs/articles or books to read on my commute to and from placement so be sure to tweet me with anything you've been loving to read recently
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