Monday, 25 June 2018

My Last Student Summer Bucket List

Hello! A little more of a chatty/informal post today inspired by the lovely Liv Purvis' diary style update from last month which I absolutely adored! As much as I love putting together ~think pieces~ and posts discussing bigger and more 'important' issues, I also personally engage so much with blogger content that's written in a more chatty, friend-to-friend style. So today's post is a little life update for ya, focused on the fact I've just completed my full 53 weeks of placement study and am now starting what will potentially be my last (if all goes well and I can get a job after graduation, lol) summer! I skipped my summer last year to start my first fashion internship, so I'm BEYOND ready to chill out and focus on my blog and university ideas over the coming months!

I'm really hoping to cherish this time off, as I'm more than aware that it will be my last guilt free summer without having to book holiday from work, take unpaid leave or have any sort of extended time to just read, blog, see friends and focus on my mental health. I CANNOT WAIT.

One thing I’m SO keen to do this summer is travel. Whilst I’ve only got one holiday booked (which by the time this post goes live I’ll have already been on!), I’m excited about the prospect of booking a last minute getaway with friends to really make the most of my time off. With no university deadlines or commitments to get in my way, it feels only right to make the most of being 20 and seeing as much of the world as I can with some of my closest pals. I definitely feel a sense of FOMO and envy for those of my friends who had gap years or have travelled to far flung places during their student summers, so I’d love to tick some destinations off my list too. Whilst my student budget won’t allow for the trips I’m dying to go on quite yet (The Maldives and New York mayyyyy have to wait for now) it would be lovely to explore Europe more, whether for a beachy escape or city exploration- I’m not fussy ;)

Whilst I’ve never really been an exercise lover (understatement of the century), I’m looking forward to moving my body a little more over the summer and hopefully finding a few ways of doing this that I actually enjoy. I’ve come to the realisation that running just isn’t right for me despite wanting to complete a half marathon at some point in my life (maybe?), but there are certain activities like swimming, cycling, yoga and weirdly basketball (???) that I really enjoyed in school and would love to try out again! I also think yoga will be super beneficial for my anxiety and general mental health so hopefully I can kill two birds with one stone there! I’m not expecting anything revolutionary to switch in my mindset, nor do I anticipate becoming a gym buddy and starting to work out everyday, I’m just hoping a slight switch in my attitude and the regularity of moving my body will help form the basis of a more positive mental health outlook.
As well as spending time in new places and travelling as much as possible, I’m also keen to  explore my own city of Cambridge and make the most of summer in this totally gorgey place! I’d love to find the best independent cafes, bakeries and restaurants as well as wander the beautiful surrounding countryside because it truly does look so incredible in the sunshine! I feel like Cambridge really comes alive in the summer and I can’t bloody wait to make the most of being there for a few months before heading back to the bustling (and more hilly!) north of the U.K!

Side note: I’d also L O V E to put together an epic Cambridge city guide so keep your eyes peeled for that in the coming months!

If you’ve followed me for a for a little while now then you’ll probably know that I actually completed this from my bucket list last summer….. only for the piercing to fall out approximately 48 hours after having it done. After a bit of research and some advice from friends with similar piercings, I’ve decided to try and get my nose pierced again, but this time with a more secure style of jewellery to ensure it stays put! I’ve been told it’s hard to come across nose piercings with a proper back attachment, however some sort of screw or hook will *hopefully* keep it from falling out in my sleep again! If anyone has any tips for nose piercing aftercare then please do send them my way!
Something I’ve been trying not to mull over too much is the fact that this August, the 8th to be precise, I’ll be turning 21 and OHMAGAWDD when did I get so old?! This fact is mainly frightening to me because it honestly only feels like yesterday that I turned 20 and my life is speeding by without giving me a second chance to stop and take in the view. I find with things like milestone birthdays and New Years Eve, the pressure of having a really incredible time can sometimes overhype the night itself which is something I’m keen to avoid for my bday, despite hoping to do something special! I’m thinking of a big BBQ with my school, college and uni pals, as well as my sister and some of her friends along with some old school party games (likely with an alcoholic twist) plus some throwback tunes, a
makeshift photo booth in my garden and lotssss of Pimm’s! This pretty much sums up my perfect evening, so I’m hoping to get a party date in the diary soon to stop my pals abandoning me for holidays or festivals!

Speaking of festivals, going camping with a group of friends is definitely on my summer bucket list for 2018! When I was younger my family holidays would nearly always involve a leaking tent, camping chairs, beans cooked on a gas stove and watching the sunset on the seafront and this is something I’d absolutely love to do now as an adult (lol) with some of my gal pals! I’m thinking along the lines of a tacky seaside town where we can eat ice cream, stuff our faces with chips and curry sauce and drink cider whilst gossiping until the sun goes down, and frankly I cannot wait!

Those are just a few of the things I’d lurveee to tick off my list this summer, and I’ll be sure to document all the adventures along the way both here on my blog, and also on my YouTube channel (the vlogs are coming back!). Let me know what’s on your summer bucket lists as I’d love to add be more spontaneous with my plans too!

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