Tuesday, 17 July 2018

An Ode To The Midi Skirt

Hello hello and happy Tuesday! I'm writing this post whilst sat in my garden enjoying the sunshine, listening to my current fave tunes (namely Dua Lipa everything because that gal is just such a BABE) and desperately hoping that this gorgeous weather and the happy buzz the UK is engulfed by right now is here to stay! I'm such a summer person and so have been utterly obsessed with this warm (albeit slightly muggy/sticky/humid) weather that has graced us of late- it's certainly helped put a pep into my step when I've been feeling a little ~less than great~ mentally. If you've followed me on Twitter or social media in general over the past few weeks then you'll likely know I've not been having the best time in my personal life and have been slowly (and not always successfully) battling through a few big Life Changes that have unexpectedly been thrown my way. Whilst I'm not 100% ready for opening up about everything yet, I thought a nice post to share instead would be focusing on a trend of SS18 that I'm truly obsessed with!

I've always been a mini skirt gal through and through, reaching for an asymmetric ruffle, A-line denim or button down suede number whenever I'm stuck in a style rut or need something quickly that I know works and I feel confident in. Mini skirts have pretty much become my daily uniform. UNTIL. Dun dun dun. I tried on a gorgeous, super bright, floaty, floral and ruffle MIDI skirt from Topshop last month and almost wept with joy in the Oxford Street changing rooms at how 'me' I felt in it. You know one of those pieces that you try on and instantly need to purchase and have in your life, no matter the price? It was one of those moments!

Luckily the green number was less than £40 so I could leave the store feeling content with my purchase and also not in my overdraft!

I've shared some photos of the beaut green skirt in question in a recent post about my Last Student Summer Bucket List which you can have a read of HERE, and since shooting those images have fallen into a midi skirt hole that I simply can't get out of. I'm now forever browsing the likes of ASOS/Topshop/Net-a-Porter (for when I win the lottery, obvs) to find more of these perfect and easy breezy pieces, as well as scrolling Instagram on a mission for style inspiration and hunting for other hidden gems- my fave midi skirt wearers are for sure Fellaby and Cailin!

It's perfect timing for me to fall in love with midi skirts as they are ALL the rage right now, with high street stores and designers alike showcasing a gorgeous selection of prints and colour ways meaning there really is something for everyone! Topshop and Nobody's Child are slaying the game when it comes to midi skirts this year and I highly recommend checking out both of their sites for allllll of the beaut flowing skirts that are truly perfect for so many occasions!

For this look I've dressed things down a little, opting for one of my all time fave slogan tees that I picked up for a totally bargainous price of £15 last year in Topshop- such a steal! I've kept things surprisingly low key with colour for this outfit and worked around the black base colour of the skirt to tie in with the top, but of course went a little extra when it came to accessories because I felt things needed a little bit of jazzing up! This outrageous faux fur bag from Topshop was a birthday present last year from my Dad (one that I chose and he looked horrified at when I presented it to him) and honestly makes even the dullest of outfits look funky because it's simply so unique! I think it works so well for this look and injects a little extra something to what would otherwise be a little too plain for my liking ;)

I'm so beyond happy with these photos which I shot with the lovely Lily last week who made me feel a strong 8/10 which is a huge rarity for me recently as I've been averaging at a less than desirable 2/10. It's amazing what getting out of the house, putting your game face and a bad ass outfit on can do for your self esteem and I'm so grateful for feeling the happy feels in a time of overwhelming emotions. I wanted this post to be a little less heavy than some of my recent mental health or advice content and go back to the days when my outfit posts would include a whole lotta' rambling and catching you guys up on my life because truly that's how I first fell in love with blogging! I'm always going to continue sharing my life and the ups and downs that come with that on my blog because in the words of Georgia from Love Island (lol), I like to keep things as real as possible on here and hope that's reflected in what I share!

I hope you're all having a wonderful week and enjoyed this fashion and catch up chat today! Who else is obsessing over midi skirts as much as me?! 

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