Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Life Lately And My Go-To Outfits With Pretty Little Thing

Hello hello all and welcome back! Long time no blog because surprise surprise, my final year of university is as oh so overwhelming as I had rightly anticipated! I thought I'd share a chatty catch-up kinda post today to update you all on how life is as a final year fashion student (currently typing this at 9.18pm on a Thursday evening after a day of primary research planning in the library so y'know, that pretty much sums it up) as well as my current favourite winter outfits because I have been LIVING for these looks, even if their only outings have been to the library and back again. I wanted to disclose early on in the post that I've kindly been gifted these items from the babes over at Pretty Little Thing (honestly, pinch me!) however having chosen the items myself it's safe to say I'm beyond happy with how these pieces have slotted into my existing wardrobe!

So! Where to even begin with university chats! As I'm writing this post it's nearing the end of November and to be honest I can't quite believe where the past two months have gone. Having moved into my final year flat in the middle of September it's so crazy to me just how quickly those two months have gone and how much I've managed to achieve during that time too. I'm a couple of weeks into my dissertation prep (which you'll be well aware of if you've seen my v overwhelmed posts on Instagram) and prior to that I've only gone and made a bloomin' magazine! Along with 4 other magical girls from my course, we designed, wrote, styled, directed, facilitated, printed, bound and cried over our incredible creation and the process was truly so so rewarding. It would be an understatement to say I've been a little overwhelmed since coming back to uni after a year and a half out of education, however amongst that stress has been so much happiness and I'm honestly having the best time completing my projects this year!

I think I'll do a full blog post on the magazine process and include some detailed photos of the final product as I'm super proud of how it turned out and I know some of you lovely ladies have mentioned on Twitter that you'd love a more in depth look so I will absolutely organise that! In other life update news, I've FINALLY started roaccutane last week and I really couldn't be more pleased to be ending 2018 on this drug after years of battling with my GP for a dermatologist referral. For those of you who don't know (i.e. anyone new around here because if you've been a long time follower you will absolutely have heard me banging on about this!), roacutanne or it's formal name, Isotretinoin, is a drug used to treat severe acne that hasn't responded to topical treatments or antibiotic courses. My skin has been a huge insecurity of mine for many years and so whilst I've embraced it as much as I can, it really will be such a huge relief for me to finally live a life without spots. It seems such a crazy concept that in 6 months time a face without acne will be my reality, and it really hasn't properly sunk in yet. I'm so beyond excited to begin this journey and will be documenting it all over on my YouTube channel so if you are interested then do feel free to head on over there!

Now, onto the outfits! As someone who hadn't shopped on Pretty Little Thing very regularly before I was so incredibly pleasantly surprised at the amazingly stylish pieces they have onsite! I really struggled to choose just a couple of looks because there's such a great variety of pieces that it made the decision super difficult, however this first look I am just beyond obsessed with! I was a little unsure as to how I felt when it came to full on zebra print wide leg culottes (quite the mouthful) but I've already had so much wear out of them you wouldn't believe! I've kept the whole look monochrome in style to let each individual piece stand out and despite being a lover of colour, I'm so pleasantly surprised at how 'me' I feel in this look. 

The oversized black shaggy cardigan was another piece I was initially wary of, however as a lover of all things statement outerwear I couldn't resist giving it a go. I love the silhouette it creates and having teamed it with a black PLT slogan tee underneath it's left to do all the talking on top. As I said I'm usually a lover of all things colourful dressing however there's something about this look that I just adore. As someone who has a wardrobe FULL of denim mini skirts, it's a welcome change to have a pair of trousers that I love in my winter wardrobe- I'm 100% going to be layering tights or velvet lined leggings underneath for the snowy days I'm sure are to come later in the year.

Moving onto the next look, I've combined my favourite ASOS straight leg jeans with a gorgeous green cami from PLT to create a casual, day-to-day look that feels super comfortable for everything from a day of browsing the shops to feeling comfortable for a few hours studying the library- my life is definitely the latter at the moment. Because the outfit is relatively simple I've added in these absolutely amazing gold statement earrings which fit perfectly with my usual go-to jewellery to jazz things up a little. They're super lightweight so don't feel heavy in the ear at all and I'm so in love with how they add an extra touch of something special to this outfit!

As I mentioned earlier, practical and weather appropriate clothes are something I'm definitely lacking in my wardrobe which is why I'm so happy to have these new PLT brown western inspired boots in my life! I was originally drawn to the black colour way however am so pleased I went with this gorgeous tan shade instead because they look so amazing against the light wash denim of my jeans! Ankle boots are 100% my most worn shoes and these feel so sturdy and comfortable that I know they'll be taking over as my most worn shoe for the season. There's something about tan brown that just warms up the look of an outfit which I think this combination was definitely in need of.

Whilst this outfit definitely needed another layer to cope with the winter chill (my black shaggy cardigan was swiftly put back on after taking these photos), I adore the look of the PLT green cami layered over a simple black tee from ASOS that I picked up a few years ago! It's not often a cami top can be worn on it's own in the UK, especially during the colder seasons so layering it over t-shirts, roll necks and even thin knits is a great styling tip I've been injecting into my wardrobe recently. If you're anything like me then you'll definitely have more summer appropriate clothes than winter ones so I find layering as much as possible means I can get the most out of my wardrobe and not worry about repeating the same jumper every day of the week (although let's be real, my black and white Primark jumper is an absolute DREAM).

So that's it! You're well and truly caught up on all of my life chats and fashion faves- I really hope you've enjoyed it! I've linked all the pieces within the post so you can shop them super easily which I hope has coincided well with Black Friday so you can bag yourselves a bargain! I'll post again soon with the full lowdown of our brand magazine for those that are interested so make sure to check back in the next few weeks for that! x

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